Send in Items

Happy Mail Packages:
Coloring Books/Activity Books/Journals
Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils
New Stuffed Animals

Birthday Items for Children:

For ages 0-2:
- Sight and sound toys
- Push/pull toys
- Teething rings
- Large-piece puzzles
- Exersaucers

For ages 2-7:
- Development toys (See and Say, Leapfrog)
- Dolls
- Arts & crafts
- Construction toys
- Musical instruments

For ages 8-11:
- Action figures/dolls
- Electronic toys
- Legos
- Remote control vehicles
- Dress up clothes

Teens/Young Adults:
- Sports equipment (basketballs, footballs)
- Board games (Cranium, Apples to Apples)
- Make up Sets
- Jewelry/Purses
- Journals
- Sports team apparel

Card Cupids does NOT accept items that do not meet current safety standards. Please refer to the Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information.

Please send to:

Card Cupids
C/O Stephanie
13203 Overcup Oak Court, Apt 201
Herndon, VA 20171