Send in Cards

With an estimated 1.5 million children living in a state of homelessness and over 32,000 of those children living in the DC area, we are pleased to announce that Card Cupids has begun a Birthday Bundles Program to provide ongoing support to a Homeless Shelter in the Northern Virginia area. Through this program we will help to celebrate the 40+ children’s Birthdays. Each month, we will receive a list of upcoming birthdays to help celebrate. With your help, we hope to provide each child with a Birthday goodie bag filled with a bundle of cards from all over the country and new toy/game/book.

Card Donation Guidelines:

  • Card Cupids accepts handmade cards.
  • Anyone can send a card. In fact, we encourage you to include your children.
  • Please send only cheerful cards, not get well cards. Below is a  list of sentiments that would be perfect.
  • Because the children we send Card Cuddle Care Packages come from all different backgrounds, please do not send religious cards.
  • Envelopes are not required. However, if you do include an envelope, please do not seal them as the parent or guardian may want to preview the cards before giving them to the child.
  • There are no size requirements for the cards.
  • Please do not use loose glitter or confetti in the cards.
  • Cards must be received to the address below by the deadline to be included.
  • Complete the Card Submission Form and send it in with your cards.

    Please send cards to:

    Card Cupids
    C/O Stephanie
    13203 Overcup Oak Court, Apt 201
    Herndon, VA 20171

    Sentiments for Cards:

    You’re Special
    You’re Dynamite
    You’re Sweet
    Thinking of You
    Sending Warm Fuzzies
    Sending you Hugs
    Sending you Smiles
    Big Hugs
    Cute as a Button
    Just for You
    Wishing you Well
    Happy Hello
    Have a Great Day!
    Sending You Happy Thoughts!
    Wishing you a day full of smiles!
    Sending great big SMILES and warm happy wishes your way in hopes that you have a super terrific day! (Jade)
    Just BUZZING by to say “Hi” and tell you that I hope you have a super terrific day today! (Jade)
    Have a fairy good day!