About Card Cupids


Card Cupids mission is to provide Happy Mail Packages and Birthday Bundles to children who are facing difficult challenges in their young lives regardless of their economic background.

How It Works:

This organization is designed to collect handmade cards and goodies such as stuffed animals and coloring/activity books and send them to children in need for their birthday or during a difficult time such illness or hospitalization.  We will help to make sure that each child’s birthday is celebrated and that children in the hospital or facing illness receive happy mail to brighten their day. A child can be referred by a friend, family member, teacher, social worker or other agency.

How You Can Help:

  1. Nominate a child that you believe would benefit from one of our Card Cupid Card Care Package.
  2. Send in a handmade card to be sent to one of our card cupid recipients.  (Please refer to the detailed requirements under the card makers section.)
  3. Send in a items to be sent to one of our card cupid recipients. (Please refer to the detailed requirements under the card makers section.)

The Story Behind Card Cupids:

When Stephanie, the founder of Card Cupids’ mother was hit by an 18 wheeler in 2005, her mom spent over 5 and a half months in the hospital. She remembered visiting her in the hospital and being completely amazed and touched at how many people sent her cards, from family to friends to business acquaintances and people she did not even know. Each and every card she received empowered her towards her recovery in a way that the many operations and physical therapy could not. To this day, when she thinks back to that life changing accident, she continues to recall the power of the cards she received and will forever be grateful.

Stephanie grew up in a household that had a huge emphasis of sharing and caring for others, even those we did not know. Her parents and grandparents encouraged and inspired her to get involved in after school activities that gave back to our community, especially those in need. This was a lifelong virtue that she carried with her even in adulthood. Over a year ago, when she began brainstorming on ways she could help children in need, she remembered that some of the most empowering acts of kindness can be as simple as sending a card and out of this came Card Cupids.

Card Cupids is an Incorporated Non Stock Corporation in Virginia as of November 2010. Card Cupids will be seeking 501c3 status in 2012.